Do it Yourself: Build an 8 ft Pool Billiard Table

Bandenleisten montieren

In the first instance the elastic cushion-rubber bands of the Type K 55 are going to be glued to the hardwood cushion-rails. Next, the cushion-rails will be covered with the fine Billiard Cloth. You may use a strong staple gun to staple it to the backside of the cushion-rails.

Translation of the german texts in the image above:
Rahmenleiste = border-rail
Bandenleiste = cushion-rail
Montagefläche für Bandengummi K 55 = mounting surface for cushion-rail rubber of type K 55
Spielfeldplatte = play-field


Firstly mount the already covered cushion-rails with strong screw clamps to the play-field. Take care that the backsides of the cushion-rails are pressed to the border-rails.

Use counter sunk bolts which have an shaft without an screw thread (just like those used for the table-legs). The bolts should be at least 8 mm caliber and 55 mm long. The screw thread free shaft should be at least 22 mm long.

You should use at least five bolts in steady distance for each cushion rail.

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