Do it Yourself: Build an 8 ft Pool Billiard Table

Dekoration & Design

We have been thinking abount a few concepts of how to make the Pool Billiard Table look much better and interesting while using low cost materials.

Classic Design:
The Pool Billiard Table should look like if it's made from massive and highly expensive exotic woods? At your local do-it-yourself store you may find special effect wood varnish translucent paints for the interior zone, such as mahagoni for example. The natural grain of the used woods is still visible. The wooden boards become more dark and have a slightly red color. Before you do that, all wooden parts must be polished as "glossy" as possible. In addition to the painting you may use an two-component lacquer coat and polish it to a high-glossy look. Alternatively you may use decorative foils.

Exquisite Design:
The Pool Billiard Table should look magnificent? You achieve that by applying thin granite or marble plates to the table-legs. You may find them at your local do-it-yourself store. The surface is highly glossy and looks very noble. After this esthetic surgery is done, nobody will see anyinthing from the cheap looking wood construction. The Pool Billiard Table becomes more heavy and steady.

High-Tech Design:
You want to have something really special? Something nobody has seen before? A Pool Billiard Table like in a science fiction movie? We have thought about something really cool. We heart from a student, that they had a little problem with theyr Pool Billiard Table at their dormitory. The highly expensive slate plate broke into pieces - and they exchanged it with an acrylic perspex plate (aka Plexiglas ®). Now imagine you use an translucent acrylic perspex plate and illuminate it. Right! You get an astonishing cool effect. But unfortunately we can't tell you if it is an good idea to play Billiard on an uncoated acrylic perspex plate. But we believe it is possible. There are special high-strength plates out there which even serve as floors and therefore should be very scratch resistant.

The table-legs and side covering parts can be covered with white or black acrylic perspex plates. Instead of using woods for the side covering parts, you may use acrylic perspex plates and illuminate them with fluorescent tubes (be very careful when handling electricity!!).

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