Do it Yourself: Build an 8 ft Pool Billiard Table

Cushion-Rails for short side of the Billiard-Table

The cushion-rails belong to the hardest part of the Pool Billiard Table construction. To prevent any panic, think about going to an professional cabinetmaker's workshop or joinery which is capable of building high-precision hardwood-profiles for you. Precision is really important here.

The cushion-rails are made from a hardwood-profile and a special elastic cushion-rail rubber. Luckily you dont have to cut those rubbers out of your car's tires or a bunch of chewing gum. You can buy them as a finished part at your specialty retailer for Billiard equipment. In our case we need the rubber of type "K 55".

Normalerweise wird hier das gleiche Tuch verwendet, wie auch auf der Spielfeldplatte. The cushion-rail rubber is going to be glued to the hardwood-profile and then covered with an special Billiard- or felt-cloth, which should consist of about 70% wool and 30% polyamide. Normally the same material is used like to cover the play-field.

Top view: look left.

Cushion-Rails A for short side of the Billiard-Table:

Needed Quantity: 2
Preferred Material: Hardwood

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