Do it Yourself: Build an 8 ft Pool Billiard Table


The bord-errails support the cushion-rails and serve as hand rest when playing a Billiard game.

Long Border-Rail A

Needed Quantity: 2
Preferred Material: Wood
Dimensions (length x width x thickness): 2360 x 60 x 24 mm

Kurze Rahmenleisten B

Needed Quantity: 2
Preferred Material: Wood
Dimensions (length x width x thickness): 1360 x 60 x 24 mm

Note to the border-rails A and B: The circular clippings are going to be ignored in first instance. After mounting them, the outlines of the parts which have to be sawed out are going to be marked with an pencil or scriber bottom-up through the holes of the play-field right on to the border-rails. Afterwards they'll be demounted to saw out the outlines.

Fix the border-rails with strong screw clamps on the play-field. The back sides of the border-rails must flush and align with the side edges of the play-field.

Afterwards the border-rails and the play-field are going to be drilled-through carefully with an 10 mm caliber wood drill to screw them together with counter sunk machine screws. Drill six holes at a time through the long border-rails A and three holes through the short border-rails B in a consistent distance.

Caution: The mounting holes represent the positions of the "diamond marks" on top of the cushion-rails upside board for calculating the strategic cushion-rail game.

Use 80 mm long and 10 mm caliber counter sunk machine screws. Use a big grommet between the screw nut and the bottom side of the play-field.

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