Do it Yourself: Build an 8 ft Pool Billiard Table


Normally slate-plates are used for professional Pool Billiard Tables. They are very heavy and very expensive, and you can't just buy them at your local do-it-yourself store or supermarket. So we will use an large MDF-plate. MDF stands for "Medium Densitiy Fiberboard". MDF is an high-tech wood fiber material which has (compared to normal wooden boards) some benefits. MDF-plates are made of fine frayed-out woods, almost like powder, which are mixed up and glued together without any specific direction into the plate. You can drill and saw MDF-plates easily. They have an great absorbability and are low vibrant.

Hint: Your wood-retailer should have put them into storage properly. Take care that they're not twisted or warped in any way to provide an appropriate surface for the Pool Billiard Table. You should paint the MDF-plate with an water-tight paint to protect it from air humidity and moisture.


Let your retailer cut exactly 2480 x 1360 mm out of an MDF-plate. Then buy an lacquer or paint for the interior zone, to seal the MDF-plate.

At first the holes are going to be marked with an pencil or scriber.

Afterwards the holes are going to be sawed out with an circular 100 mm saw (see picture). Or you may use an fine keyhole saw.

Grind the sawed-out holes with sandpaper, before you seal the whole MDF-plate against moisture. Let the seal dry out very well.

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