Do it Yourself: Build an 8 ft Pool Billiard Table

Spielfeldplatte bespannen

Use an 2500 x 1380 mm Billiard- or felt-clothe which consists of about 70% from wool and 30% from polyamide. Special Billiard-cloths are characteristic for their directionless fabric which don't give the balls any direction.

In fist instance the 26 mm high inner walls of the holes are going to be provided with glue. Afterwards they are going to be covered with 314 mm long and 26 mm width clothes.

Place down the play-field on two racks so that you have access to the bottom side around the play-field. Then position the cloth centered on the play-field, so that it's hanging about 10 cm (100 mm) over on each side. Put something heavy on the cloth to prevent it from floating or sliding.

Cut the cloth at the corners with an angle of 45 degrees 14.2 mm, so you can turn it down later easily.

Now start with the covering on the short side of the play-field. Use spray-on glue (spray mount or aerosol fixative) on the bottom side of the play-field to attach the cloth. Wait until the glue is dried out very well. Then proceed with the opposed side (the other short side). Tauten the cloth tight over the play-field and press it to the glue on the bottom side. Take care that there are no crinkles on the cloth, and that you tauten it consistently. Hold it tight until the glue dries out. You may want to use an long board and screw clamps for this job.

After the spray-on glue (spray mount or aerosol fixative) has dried out and holds the cloth tight, tauten it tight over the play-field from one 2480 mm long side to the other. Before you start, put some heavy things on the cloth (you may use an long board and screw clamps here too). Use spray-on glue here too on the bottom side of th play-field.

After the spray-on glue has dried out, cut in the cloth where the holes are supposed to be. Start from the center position of the holes and cut to the inner border of the holes about 19.6 mm thin stripes. Then shorten the stripes to a length of 11 mm. Apply some glue to the back side of the stripes and glue them to the inner walls of the holes from the play-field.

The completely covered play-field can be mounted to the substructure of your Pool Billiard Table now.

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