Do it Yourself: Build an 8 ft Pool Billiard Table

Joining Table-Legs with Substructure

The table-legs are carry the weight of the play-field. The substructure is supposed to make sure, that the play-field does not sag down. Besides this, the substructure improves the stability of your Pool Billiard Table.

Hint: Take care that the table-legs are turned like shown in the figure drawing.


Die Tischbeine sollen zusammen mit der Unterkonstruktion eine plain area of support for the play-field.

Fix all table-legs with screw clamps to the substructure. Afterwards check with an even caliber gauge or anything else that seems appropriate, if the top side of the substructure flushes shortly with the table-legs.

Afterwards mount the table-legs with counter sunk machine screws to the substructure.

The counter sunk machine screws should have at least an 10 mm caliber. Use at least two of them for each table-leg. Use big grommets.

You may use big metal angle brackets in addition to improve the stability of your Pool Billiard Table.

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