Do it Yourself: Build an 8 ft Pool Billiard Table


The substructure consists of seven wooden boards. It connects the table-legs with the play-field and improves stability. Although the substructure will not be visible later, it's still important to work as good as possible here. The used boards should not be twisted or warped.

Hint: When buying the boards, hold them together against a strong light source like a lamp or the sun. Check if light comes through a gap. If that happens, at least one of the boards is twisted or warped.

Side Frames A

Needed Quantity: 2
Preferred Material: Wood
Dimensions (length x width x thickness): 2000 x 85 x 26 mm

Cross Braces B

Needed Quantity: 5
Preferred Material: Wood
Dimensions (length x width x thickness): 1000 x 85 x 26 mm


The side frames A are going to be screwed to the cross braces B like shown in the drawing. Use the same screws you used for building the table-legs.

Hint: The side frames A and the cross braces B serve as support area for the play-field. Take care they're justified and flush perfectly on one top side. Use an plane surface for mounting them together. You may use some wood glue to hold them in place before you start to drill the holes for the screwed fastenings.

The stability of the substructure can be improved by using additional metal angle brackets.

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